Lte | 2018-12-11

Dutch Caribbean Police Force Successfully Completes Pilot with C3 and Motorola Solutions

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Through the use of intelligent data communication, the police force received a quicker overview of critical situations. and was able to act faster and more efficiently.

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) has completed a successful pilot with the "hosted" turnkey solutions from Motorola Solutions. Through the use of intelligent data communication, the police force received a quicker overview of critical situations. and was able to act faster and more efficiently.

The pilot was carried out by C3 in collaboration with Motorola Solutions. C3 provides, among other things, the public safety sector in the region, access to specially designed mobile applications that contribute to public safety.

This pilot has successfully demonstrated that speed, insight and accuracy are essential when it comes to critical communications. The mobile applications and systems used during the pilot, including the LTE portable device LEXL10, ensured that the police team could respond more efficiently and effectively to and during critical situations.

"We started a test period seven months ago and within a short time we already noticed the positive impact of this collaboration with C3. The use of intelligent data communication in the pilot, such as mapping, whiteboard communication and push-to-talk communication solutions, immediately had a positive result on our safety mission and our objectives as an organization. Through the collaboration with C3 & Motorola Solutions and the deployment of these new services, we are now at the forefront of public security solutions and communication tools, without having to make any initial investments in servers and data centers. Now we can use, spread and obtain intelligent data and other critical information "real-time" over the existing broadband networks, "says W. Baker, KPCN Saba.

The use of new public safety applications and products allows officers in the field, personnel in the control room or at the office as well as other stakeholders, to communications more efficiently. Now everyone and everything is linked. This new way of communication gives police officers the opportunity to collaborate, communicate and share information in real-time via mobile applications and products. This saves a lot of time and enables a solution to be found or action to be taken more quickly.

During the pilot, the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 was used.

Currently, a total of 30 devices are deployed at the police force in BES Caribbean Netherlands operating on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The new equipment is now also integrated with the existing communications network.