Lte | 2021-03-10

Highway Police Adopts Unified Push-To-Talk and Dispatching Over LTE

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

POCSTARS delivered a unified communications and dispatching system to Highway Police of Hunan Province, China, facilitating seamless PPT calls and dispatching across departments and the region.

The leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) communications solution provider POCSTARS delivered a unified communications and dispatching system to Highway Police of Hunan Province, China, facilitating seamless PTT calls and dispatching across departments and the region.

Highways are one of the lifelines of the modern society. depends on. As the economy progresses rapidly and the transportation volume increases, the highway police is facing the growing pressure; hostile weather, natural disasters and traffic accidents all work together to make the situation more challenging. The old work mode and legacy information-processing methods cannot meet the needs of daily work under the new situation. More and more problems have been exposed in daily work.

Customer Pain Point
Firstly, the private analog network system has no standard interconnection or corresponding interfaces. As a result, the highly police in a city cannot communicate with another city, not to mention the communication among a whole province’s highway police.
Secondly, since the highway network continues to be expanded, the private analog network system needs more new base stations to ensure signal coverage. Thus, a large number of human resources and funds are invested in deployment and maintenance every year. The cost remains high.
Thirdly, due to the limitations of analog PTT technology, except voice calls, more functions are hard to achieve. Basic PTT function no longer meets the current communication needs.
Fourthly, the communication is of poor quality due to frequency interference and it is not properly secured.

POCSTARS’ Solutions
With the rapid development of digital mobile communication technology and the regulation of wireless frequency, analog operations are facing the threat of suspension, and private analog network systems have the tendency to be obsoleted. POCSTARS uses digital communication technology to break the resources limitations of analog trunking frequency and bandwidth. Based on carriers’ mobile communications network, POCSTARS has created a command and dispatch system for Hunan highway police. The system supports versatile functions such as different types of voice calls, real-time positioning, multimedia messages, etc. The network covers the whole province's highways without any blind spots and supports smooth communication with the legacy system, which protects the users' earlier investment to the fullest. This system makes it possible for the highway police officers in Hunan Province to command and dispatch in a unified way. With its better PTT quality, faster data transmission, richer business functions and securer communications, this system helps Hunan province to achieve a safe transportation environment.

Solution Highlights

  • Communications can be managed in a unified way.
  • Optimal coverage with no blind spots
  • The whole province’s highway police can be dispatched in a coordinated way.
  • The system provides versatile and expandable functions and services.
  • POCSTARS designed and developed the system with its own IPR.