Canadian Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers met to Discuss PSBN and National Alerting

LTE  |   Messaging  |  2022-12-22

Ministers discussed the Emergency Management Strategy for Canada and the development of the 2023-2024 Action Plan.

BK Technologies Presents its First BKRplay Software - Enabling Operational Interoperability

LTE  |   P25  |  2022-12-07

InteropONE enables an authorized public safety first responder to easily create heterogenous groups on-demand, within minutes.

Specialist Telecoms Training Academy Wray Castle Joins The Critical Communications Association

CCR  |   TETRA  |   LTE  |   Control rooms  |  2022-12-07

Wray Castle delivers training courses across a range of telecommunication technologies with a focus on professional mobile radio covering mission critical broadband, TETRA and DMR.

Hytera Works with Indonesian Masters Golf Tournament 2022 as Technology Sponsor

LTE  |  2022-12-05

The PoC solution spearheads the operation, streamlining communications and coordination within and between work teams.

T-Mobile Offers Guaranteed Mobile Coverage with New Lyfo.NET Solution

LTE  |  2022-12-01

The additional service is an important addition for mobile users such as public safety end-users, with the need for mission critical communication.

Caltta Celebrates Three Successful Days at PMRExpo 2022

DMR  |   LTE  |  2022-11-28

Caltta’s latest offering of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC), and emergency communications become a focal point of conversations between the Caltta team and distributors, resellers, integrators and customers visiting the show.

Sepura Selects Softil’s MCX Technology to Launch Next Generation First Responder Handheld, Vehicle Devices and Applications

LTE  |  2022-11-26

The announcement underlines Sepura’s continued commitment to provide interoperable communications solutions to meet the needs of mission and business critical users.

Caltta Secures Indonesia Ministry of Transportation for G20 Summit

LTE  |  2022-11-26

Thanks to SBLStar, Caltta's partner in Indonesia, the ministry of transportation of the G20 Bali Summit chose Caltta as the provider of secured communications.

Airbus and Partners Successfully Integrate Mission Critical Services on University of Malaga 5G Mobile Network as Part of the 5G-EPICENTRE Project

LTE  |  2022-11-24

This successful experiment – a world first in mission-critical communications - was carried out as part of the 5G-EPICENTRE European funded project.

Ghent Fire Brigade Explores Broadband Communication with Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet Solution

LTE  |  2022-11-23

Through this new contract, the Belgian city’s fire brigade will be the first of twelve involved fire brigades that will benefit from empowered communication and smart action support on- and off the field, as well as augmented situational awareness.

Motorola Solutions Transforming Operations For Frontline Staff

TETRA  |   LTE  |  2022-11-22

Integrated ecosystem of innovations and advanced technologies showcasing at PMRExpo 2022.

Mobile Tornado Expands Presence in Central America to Support Growth in Mission Critical PoC Technology

LTE  |  2022-11-18

The company is working with business partners Grupo Atención and Claro to make its world-leading technologies available to public and private sector organisations in the two countries.

RugGear Announces the Powerful RG750 Smartphone for Mission Critical Communications Push to Talk

LTE  |  2022-11-17

The rugged smartphone is compatible with worldwide LTE networks and designed for emergency communication.

Hytera, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, BT Signal to Co-develop Railway Communication Systems

LTE  |  2022-11-17

The objective of the competence center is to accelerate the formation of futureproof railway communication systems for KTZ.

Overwhelming Success Rate of 96% at 7th ETSI MCX Plugtests

LTE  |  2022-11-14

The goal of the FRMCS Plugtests event was to validate the interoperability of a variety of implementations using different test scenarios based on the 3GPP Mission Critical Services framework with a focus on the rail specific features.

Inrico iConvNet Facilitates Montenegro Government to Improve Urban Management

LTE  |  2022-11-14

After a cyber-attack on its office network, the government decided to retire the legacy communications system and started to look for a more dedicated and secure communications system.

Tait to Deliver P25 Nationwide Critical Communications EMS Network Across New Zealand

LTE  |   P25  |  2022-11-10

The overall Public Safety Network, estimated to be worth NZ$1.4 billion (US$866 million) over 10 years, will provide frontline emergency responders with a reliable, secure and capable communications system.

Caltta Brings New Models PoC and DMR Communication Solutions to PMRExpo 2022

DMR  |   LTE  |  2022-11-10

Caltta keeps launching new DMR portable radios to meet customer requirements from a wide spectrum of industries. Earlier this year Caltta introduced its latest model DH560 with a half-keypad and display.

Critical Communications Often Intercepted - Lessons Learned From Ukraine

LTE  |  2022-11-10

The war in Ukraine is teaching us lessons about communications security — lessons that apply to both the battlefield and today’s business world.

TATA Communications to Engage in Private 5G for Manufacturing, Metals and Mines, Ports, Airports and Sports Venues

LTE  |  2022-11-10

Vishy Ramaswamy, Tata Communications’s VP for 5G and digital solutions incubation, said that the firm is currently in talks with nearly 40 companies.