Lte | 2022-03-17

AT&T Executive: In 2021, the FirstNet Business Grew by 60% Year Over Year

Source: Radioresourcemag

According to Radioresource, an AT&T executive stated that the carrier's FirstNet business grew by 60% year over year in 2021 and is currently worth $1.7 billion.

Senior Executive Vice President Rahesh Patel, during AT&T's March 11 investor day, said that in the law enforcement community, AT&T is now the market leader. The company made a promise to drive asymmetrical share growth. Through the FirstNet platform, AT&T has produced great growth and teh company is well positioned for future performance, and is delivering modernized public safety."

The FirstNet network now has approximately 3 million connections across 20,000 agencies, covering more than 2.9 million square feet, according to Patel.

Furthermore according to Patel, by 2021, AT&T will have captured 53 percent of the postpaid phone flow share, the most valuable business mobility service. The momentum in small business, as well as FirstNet's undeniable success, fueled this. In fact, the AT&T small business wireless market share has increased from the mid-30s to 40% in the previous 18 months. The company sees a comparable opportunity to grow share, which is now in the low 20s, as they extend their fiber network and distribution for mid-market firms.

Patel also mentioned that the internet of things (IoT) market has experienced significant growth for the carrier. He claims that the company is now worth $1.3 billion and has grown 18 percent year over year.