TETRA Services

A comprehensive range of support services to maximise system uptime and availability, including: support; maintenance; training; optimisation; security and network management services.

  • TETRA Terminal Support Services - A flexible portfolio of support services for end users and Service from the Start packages for dealers including: technical support and repair; training and more.
  • TETRA Integration Services - From initial concept through system planning and design to implementation and integration.
  • TETRA Managed Services - Solutions to help improve performance, manage costs, maximise flexibility and reduce risk.
  • TETRA Network Optimization - TRACES - Consolidates network data from multiple sources into a single view enabling operators and end-user organizations to view and evaluate network coverage and performance.
  • TETRA Intelligent Optimization Service (IOS) - Improve network performance, reduce operating costs and enhance user experience.
  • Performance Management Reports Service - Transforming raw network data into actionable information.
  • Network Optimization Services - Ensures your system resources are being used optimally for maximum performance and efficiency.