Tetra | Dmr | 2022-09-29

SEE Telecom Celebrates 50 Years Of Existence

Critical Communications Manufacturer SEE Telecom announced that the company celebrates 50 years of Existence. Founded in 1972, See Telecom, a provider of innovative radio communication technology and solutions that aim to improve the critical communication in confined areas, is privately owned and headquartered in Nivelles, Belgium. The company is one of the leading companies in radio communications solutions

In 1972 most cable TV networks in Europe started to move away from aluminium cables to copper core. This transition demanded purpose made connectors. SEE Telecom was founded with the objective of providing specifically designed connectors for the copper coaxial cables based networks in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium. Today, SEE designs radio coverage systems that are easy to install and maintain at the best prices for both national public safety networks and PMR / DMR in major infrastructures. The company has improved the critical communications in confined areas, such as road tunnels, railway tunnels, metros, offshore wind farm platforms, airports, etc

Their experience in the field of building radio frequency solutions has been progressively incorporated into their solutions resulting in a unique portfolio of systems and products.