Dmr | 2019-08-08

Hytera Improves Efficiency of Shaoyang Traffic Police with MultiMode Advanced DMR/LTE Radio

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Hytera said it improved efficiency of the Red Eagle Motorcycle Squad of the Shaoyang Traffic Police Detachment with their latest multi-mode advanced radios.

Already back in 2017, Shaoyang Traffic Police Detachment of China’s Hunan Province established the Red Eagle Motorcycle Squad that consists of 66 traffic officers and parapolice.

As the demand for data services, in addition to mission-critical voice service over the years has grown dramatically, the police now requires more efficient data  and multimedia services. During the daily patrol, voice communication only is insufficient to guarantee the timelines and efficiency of field enforcement and the integrity of information recorded. Furthermore, today the police expects that information is available on their radios anytime anywhere in order to improve working efficiency.

Facing this situation, the squad chose Hytera multi-mode advanced radio PDC760. PThe DC760 integrates features of a DMR radio and a smartphone. It has a built-in DMR module for carrying mission critical voice service to guarantee reliability and security of daily voice communication. It adopts the broadband system to carry data service and applications to satisfy the police demands on multimedia service and mobile working, such as video calls and real-time video upload.

The PDC760, with the aid of Hytera P-PoC solution, can realize narrowband network digital voice communication. Also the DMR network's coverage can be complemented to guarantee voice services by using the public broadband network. This empowers communication with full-frequency and on demand.

By combining the radio, the system, and accessories, the Hytera solution now supports the Shaoyang traffic police detachment in fulfilling their tasks efficiently by integrating mobile policing resources, and constructing a modern work platform.

The intelligent individual equipment and converged communication solution provided for Shaoyang traffic police detachment has been the very first deployed in China.