Dmr | 2019-01-24

Hytera Launches the New MD785i DMR Mobile Radio

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Today, Hytera launched its latest top class DMR mobile radio, the MD785i. The new radio is a revised and improved version of its predecessor, the MD785 and is even more powerful and versatile thanks to further developments in technology.

The MD785i is the ideal device for use in bundled radio applications. It has greater sensitivity and frequency stability – to ensure increased range and greater reliability. The new radio features impressive, versatile functionality as well as outstanding voice data transmission. This guarantees optimum audio quality even in loud operating environments and near the edge of coverage areas. Over-the-air encryption (encryption of the air interface) ensures secure communication at all times and protects against unwanted access to the repeater.

Attractive new functions
Thanks to the latest DMR software from Hytera, this new mobile radio comes with attractive new functions. For example, the MD785i can be connected to repeaters with a special UART cable to provide a "wireless link" for transmitting digital services (voice, data and signaling). This function can also be used in scenarios where an IP multi-site connection is not available due to restrictions of the Internet connection, and the repeaters are connected wirelessly to extend communication coverage.

By the way, position detection is also possible with the MD785i. The mobile radio can optionally be equipped with GPS. Transmission of the GPS position from two-way radios has been enormously improved to speed up position sensing of the radios. Therefore, more GPS information can now be sent to the control center through a time slot than before if only position data is required. The encryption of the air interface protects against unwanted access to the repeater and against using a DMR scanner to spy on the connection data. Users can use the CPS programming software to access the option board of the MD785i to transfer data to external devices.

Full Duplex and Single Frequency Repeater
Big plus for the new edition: The UHF model variants of the MD785i are also available with Full-Duplex function and can thus also be used as Single Frequency Repeaters (SFR). In Repeater Mode the mobile radio boosts the range of a direct connection between conventional DMR devices without having to use a base station or repeater. In very concrete terms for users this means they now have more freedom of movement and considerably more flexibility. Thanks to the Full-Duplex function, both conversation partners can speak and listen simultaneously when calling other DMR trunking radios (MD785i and PD985) as well as Public Switched Telephone Network phones and mobile phones that can be reached via the DMR infrastructure.