Dmr | 2022-07-26

Hytera Delivers Cutting-Edge Digital Mobile Radio System to Sri Lanka Police

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Hytera, together with its Sri Lankan partner Securatec, successfully won a 10-year contract to upgrade the field communication systems of the Sri Lanka Police

The contract was awarded subsequent to a hotly contested tender procurement procedure, where the Company emerged as the No.1 choice. Securatec has already supplied the Sri Lanka Police with 150 of Hytera’s cutting-edge MD788 mobile radio sets and antennas, which offer versatile digital functions that allow the exchange of information in any situation, improving operations and incident response times, while also having provided all necessary training for the effective use of these devices. Ergonomically designed, the new radios are built to last and are easy to operate both at a desk and in the field.

Discussing the project, Kevin Sun, General Manager of Hytera Sri Lanka said, “We’re pleased to have been able to ink this partnership with the Sri Lanka Police, to improve the Force’s field communications network. While competing with our peers to provide the best options was tough, it is gratifying to note that we came out on top. The addition of the Sri Lanka Police to our extensive portfolio of law enforcement and other clients is a source of prestige for us at Hytera. We look forward to continuing to work with the Sri Lanka Police in the future.”

The new Hytera digital radios, supplied by Securatec, have been deployed for use in the official vehicles of senior police officers, to enable them to more effectively communicate with dispatchers, and also with officers in the field. Furthermore, unlike analog radios, Hytera’s solutions are flexible and work with both digital and analogue radios, which will be very beneficial for more effective policing, as the Force transitions to a completely digital communication infrastructure. Hytera, and its Sri Lankan partner, Securatec, are committed to working together with the Sri Lanka Police in the future too, to upgrade the communication infrastructure for police stations and units, islandwide.