Dmr | 2019-10-18

DMR Association Welcomes Three New Category 2 Members

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The DMR association recently welcomes three new members to the association; Essential Trading Systems Corp, DCom and FreshRF

Since late August this year, the DMR association welcomed three new members to the association.

Essential Trading Systems Corp - the compan joined the DMR Association as a category 2 member. Essential Trading Systems Corp manufacturer of VoIP end point products that complement the LMR Industry.

DCom - DCom joined as a category 2 member from the Czech Republic. DCom provides communication services with a focus on professional radio systems and solutions.

FreshRF - FreshRF is a company founded in New Zealand joining us as a category 2 member. FreshRF’s SmartBridge Dispatch Solution culminates many years of working with 2-way radio manufacturers.