Core platforms

The TetraNode soft switch forms the true core of the TetraNode network. Based on one design, one software platform and one architecture, we can serve the entire market with our switching range, up to nationwide networks.

At the same time, our switches are the smallest, most compact switches found in the market. The TetraNode switching platforms are fully based on soft switch technology. All functionality is implemented in software instead of electronics. This makes our range of switches extremely flexible, easy to install and configure. Plus, customers invest in desired features only. All our switching platforms run the Linux operating system and consist of non-proprietary COTS hardware only. There is a minimum amount of hardware. Unlike other suppliers, we make use of full IP and we truly believe in redundancy. It is found everywhere in our products. With our TetraNode switching range, we can make your network perfectly fit to purpose, today and well into the future.

TetraNode UltraLite

TetraNode UltraLite is a compact all-in-one solution, combining switching and access network functionality. Small as it is, the TetraNode UltraLite supports up to six Base Station Systems as well as four simultaneous SIP calls. With these specifications, the TetraNode UltraLite perfectly fits the requirements for single-site systems in the (service) industry. Its integrated, compact design has positioned the TetraNode UltraLite as the most cost-effective solution in the market. Naturally, the TetraNode UltraLite comes with plug-and-play ease of use. You simply plug the device in and it is set to work.

Upgrading to a larger, more powerful network is very straightforward and cost-effective. By integrating existing Ultra Lite switches and adding an Industrial switch your growing network will continue to meet your communications needs. In doing so, we offer the best CAPEX.

TetraNode Industrial

TetraNode Industrial is based on CompactPCI, a high-performance industrial computer platform. With its capacity to support up to 24 Base Station Systems, TetraNode Industrial is well-positioned to meet the requirements for medium-sized networks. Together with a 5-times-9 availability, TetraNode Industrial is a very attractive and reliable solution, also for mission-critical applications.

Customers anticipating expansion of their network are safe with TetraNode Industrial. Our scalability concept allows for seamless growth into a larger, even more powerful and robust platform; TetraNode High End.

TetraNode High End

TetraNode High End is the ultimate solution for demanding, large area networks. With its AdvancedTCA-based hardware platform, it is a truly high-performance, high-availability solution, offering 99.999% uptime by default. The switching platform runs Carrier Grade Linux; a secure, robust operating system also featuring high availability and redundancy. TetraNode High End is designed to support up to 48 Base Station Systems and millions of calls per day. The high availability and site specifications make the TetraNode High End solution ideal for the mission-critical communications needs of major corporate and government end users, including first responders.

By linking TetraNode High End networks, customers can build a virtually unlimited network of networks. This so-called multi-node concept combines the best of both worlds in that it is predictable and cost-effective. Want to know more about this concept? See our White Paper on Reliable and scalable TETRA networks.