MC-Edge Intelligent IoT Gateway

The built-in wireless capabilities of the MC-Edge™ gateway gives you remote monitoring and control, even in areas of no power or networking.

As the hub for seamless IoT and SCADA connections, MC-Edge gateway sits at the network edge to analyze and act on input from hundreds of wireless and wired devices. Support for LoRa sensor connectivity with LTE or radio backhaul simplifies the deployment of remote monitoring and control.


  • Wireless built-in
    MC-Edge is built to support LoRa sensors and devices for low-power long-range performance. LTE and multiple two-way radio connectivity provides a variety of wireless backhaul options to connect to centralized applications.
  • Edge computing
    As a remote terminal unit (RTU), analytics, filtering, decision-making and logging are handled at the network edge. The result is an immediate response to real-time events and a reduced dependence on the backhaul network to transport data to and from central control applications.
  • Mission-critical security
    MC-Edge will automatically look for malicious activity or violations of security policies and will only allow legitimate traffic to enter and block other activity. Unauthorized activity is logged and can be reported to a designated control center. AES 256 bit encryption protects sensitive data end-to-end, whether at rest or in transit.
  • Network agnostic
    MC-Edge utilizes MDLC communication protocol to link distant sites for easy scaling and provide alternative communication links in case of fallback. Use of this standard functionality eliminates the need for costly custom programming or additional communications infrastructure.