Narrowband  |  2024-05-14

Aramco Joins the 450 MHz Alliance

Source: 450 MHz Alliance
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

The 450 MHz Alliance, an influential industry body advocating for the worldwide use of the 450 MHz spectrum, has proudly announced that Aramco, a global integrated energy and chemicals company, has become a member. This pivotal collaboration underscores a shared aim to advance communications solutions that bolster critical infrastructure.

The Executive Chairman of the 450 MHz Alliance, Gösta Kallner, warmly welcomed Aramco, stating,

“Aramco’s decision to join the 450 MHz Alliance is a powerful endorsement of the spectrum’s value for critical communications. Aramco’s leadership in adopting this technology aims to set a benchmark for the industry and magnifies the role of the 450 MHz band in building secure, reliable communication for essential services. We are eager to collaborate with Aramco, driving forward the mission to harness the 450 MHz spectrum for transformative solutions.”

Nabil A. Nuaim, Aramco Senior Vice President, Digital & Information Technology, said:

“We welcome the opportunity to join the 450 Alliance, recognizing it as a critical enabler for the 450 MHz ecosystem. The utilization of 450 MHz is integral to our long-term industrial 5G strategy, and we are eager to accelerate the development of this ecosystem, which is crucial for our national specialized industrial communications. With this strategic approach, we aim to develop advanced, secure communication solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industrial sector. We look forward to collaborating with the 450 Alliance members to advance industrial connectivity.”

This collaboration is poised to drive innovation in communications technologies within the energy sector, significantly enhancing connectivity, safety, and operational efficiency. By developing the industrial 450MHz ecosystem, Aramco is at the forefront of enhancing its critical infrastructure resilience, aiming to set a new standard for the industry and showcasing the essential role of specialized communications networks in supporting vital operations.