Broadband  |  2024-03-29

Federated Wireless Unveils Premium Enterprise-Grade Spectrum (PEGS), Elevating CBRS to Mission-Critical Reliability Levels

Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Federated Wireless, the market leader in spectrum management and shared spectrum services, today announced the launch of its cutting-edge Premium Enterprise Grade Spectrum (PEGS) solutions. Catering to a rapidly expanding CBRS ecosystem which boasts over 402,000 CBRS-enabled devices, Federated Wireless currently manages 45% of total enabled devices.

Servicing over 600 customers and accounts, Federated Wireless continues to introduce algorithmic improvements to its cloud-based Spectrum Access System (SAS), enhancing performance across the CBRS ecosystem. The company also recently launched the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) service, extending its platform to the 6 GHz band, underlining its commitment to unparalleled customer support and the development of new spectrum bands.

Investments in expansion of its Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC), which ensures five-nines of SAS reliability, led to Federated Wireless’s completion of deployments across all 50 states, with recent efforts finalizing in Hawaii. Territories including Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are now fully operational. The company also elevated DPA redundancy through tactical site adjustments and additions. Pioneering a novel enclosure that delivers 10-12 days of uninterrupted power during outages and implementing dual-active radios with multi-SIM capability, Federated Wireless ensures seamless transitions across cellular networks, fortifying backhaul connectivity.

Tyson Curtis, CEO of Resound Networks, stated,

The increased reliability and service quality we’ve experienced since migrating our devices to Federated Wireless are critical to meeting our operational needs. Their advanced technical support sets a new standard for CBRS SAS connectivity, allowing us to focus on building our networks to meet increasing customer demands.

Kent Winrich, CTO of Open Broadband, remarked,

Our collaboration with Federated Wireless has been pivotal. Their agility and responsiveness in transitioning our devices to their service were remarkable. Thanks to Federated Wireless, we’ve achieved a more reliable and robust service, ensuring our customers are always connected.

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) CEO Darren Schauer said,

GVEC looks forward to the continued partnership with Federated Wireless, the pioneer in shared spectrum technology. Their support and performance have elevated our capabilities, delivering unmatched reliability and support for our 3GHz licensed fixed wireless operations.

Premium Enterprise Grade Spectrum (PEGS) Service Offering

In response to growing demands for sophisticated spectrum solutions, Federated Wireless is launching the Premium Enterprise Grade Spectrum (PEGS) service offering. Designed for high-demand customers, PEGS embodies an array of enhanced features:

  • Fastest Response Times: A guaranteed 15-minute initial response with hourly updates, and priority issue escalation.
  • Spectrum Managed Service: Tailored KPI-based monitoring and expert optimization advice for spectrum availability.
  • Assigned TCO Engineer: Consistent support with a Technical Customer Operations engineer dedicated to case management and escalation.
  • Premium Features & Expertise: Access to novel features and professional insight on CBRS, shared spectrum, and regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborative Support: Enables the designation of contacts for collaborative troubleshooting, including vendor representatives or end-customers.
  • Dedicated Edge SAS: An on-premises SAS interface option that extends cloud functionality for greater control.

Federated Wireless remains actively engaged with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to fine-tune CBRS regulations, thus enhancing accessibility to premium grade spectrum. These efforts promote seamless integration with other mid-band deployments, establishing a superior user experience while optimizing the regulatory landscape for broader adoption.

“Our leadership in the CBRS ecosystem and the unveiling of PEGS solidify our dedication to innovation,” expressed Iyad Tarazi, CEO of Federated Wireless. “Our continuous expansion and regulatory engagement are key in unleashing CBRS’s potential for enterprises globally. We are at the forefront of spectrum access, and Federated Wireless is driving the evolution.”