Broadband  |  2024-02-07

MTS Implements Automated Quality of Service Monitoring for Private LTE Networks

Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

MTS (Mobile TeleSystems), a Russian operator, recently launched a service to monitor the communication quality of dedicated private LTE (pLTE) networks at eight major enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industry.

The purpose of this service is to improve communication quality and streamline production processes through advanced technology. The service, named "Marta," uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis to ensure real-time quality control of pLTE networks. It has been developed and successfully implemented by MTS, and is integrated within their internal cloud platform, MTS Ocean, which was launched in 2022.

The system is connected to the base stations of each client's pLTE network and monitors its elements and activities. It quickly identifies and addresses any deviations from quality indicators such as coverage, accessibility, mobility, and continuity.

MTS plans to further develop Marta as a commercial solution, with the goal of ensuring high-quality and uninterrupted mobile services for dedicated corporate networks. According to the company, this is especially important for industries like mining, metallurgy, and energy, where reliable communication is crucial for the stability and safety of critical technological processes.

MTS has already implemented 34 commercial and pilot projects since 2019, which accounts for more than half of the total number of deployed or tested pLTE networks in Russia, as reported by MTS.