Control rooms  |  2023-11-21

Intracom Telecom Successfully Completed Physical Security Project for Athens International Airport

Source: Intracom Telecom
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Intracom Telecom, a global technology systems and solutions provider, announces the completion of the PSIM system for Athens International Airport (AIA), accomplishing the synthesis of a common operational picture and awareness of the security and safety situation for the AIA critical infrastructure.

The core of the system is based on the command & control software with the distinct name  SISC2, a technological achievement developed by Intracom Telecom, which integrates-processes-analyzes kinematic data and tracks detected on the ground. The sole purpose of the solution is the early intrusion detection and automated triggering of alarms and alerts in security operations centers with the objective of strengthening AIA prevention capabilities with regards to man-made threats and natural disasters.

Mr. Kostas Kardaras, Director of the Security & Integrated Systems of Intracom Telecom, said: "The system was successfully completed and commissioned after intense parameterization - optimization - testing both in the field and in the security operations and administration centers of Athens International Airport, thanks to AIA executives, along with the high caliber engineers of the Intracom Telecom SIS department. We are honored to be trusted by AIA to provide our advanced technology for such a critical project."