Broadband  |  2023-11-21

Agura Secures Remote 5G or Private Use in Down Under - Preparing for Mission-Critical Operations

Source: Aqura
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Aqura, a Telstra Purple company, announced that the company has been awarded extensive access to 5G spectrum from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in the very first round of the Regional 5G Area Wide License allocation.

Aqura Managing Director, Alan Seery was excited by this new allocation.

“We’ve been working a long time with ACMA on behalf of stakeholders to support a new enterprise-focused licensed spectrum regime,” says Seery.

“The ability for regional enterprises to secure 5G spectrum for operations, will top up our 4G spectrum access, provides enterprise the certainty to invest in new technologies which advance digitisation and enhanced outcomes from their operations.”

Aqura has long advocated for creation of a mechanism that allows appropriate spectrum access which supports digitised enterprise activity.

“This new spectrum release ensures that end users are the beneficiaries and reduces the opportunity for spectrum squatting which has stymied the adoption of mission-critical operations,” says Seery.

This, coupled with a very competitive vendor market has reduced the barriers for any organisation that needs reliable, secure wireless connectivity for their operations.

Aqura can provide customers across a wide range of sectors in remote areas, access to Private 4G and now 5G spectrum, whether we coordinate ownership for our customers, or provide as-needed access to be utilised for organisations to adopt mission-critical communications in their operations