Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-09-19

Anritsu Partners with MPI™ and ATV Systems to Showcase 6G AiP Measurements

Source: Anritsu
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Anritsu Company, in partnership with MPI and ATV, will be showcasing state-of-the-art 6G Antenna in Package (AiP) measurements at EuMW 2023 in Berlin. The solution comprises a VectorStar™ VNA that sweeps from 70 kHz to 220 GHz with patented NLTL technology-based millimeter-wave (mmWave) extenders. The mmWave extenders convert up/down signals to 220 GHz and are so small that they can be easily mounted on a robotic arm that performs a scan around the AiP in a pre-programmed, high-resolution step yielding accurate antenna radiation pattern measurements at D and G band frequencies. The robotic arm and the probe station are provided by MPI and ATV systems who excel in their respective domains of probe stations/probes and measurement automation expertise. 

The AiP can be probed/fed from either the side of the antenna, which can be placed on a glass substrate or any other material, or it can be probed from the bottom so that the probing does not interfere with the radiation of the antenna. The special Titan™ Probes used for probing the AiP is connected to the VectorStar mmWave modules. They can be single ended or differential depending upon the application.