Broadband  |  2023-05-17

Siyata Expands Global Distribution of Next-Generation Push-to-Talk Mobile Device in the Netherlands

Siyata Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq: SYTA/SYTAW) (“Siyata” or the “Company”), a global provider of innovative Push-to-Talk over Cellular (“PoC”) and cellular signal booster solutions, today announced it has signed a distribution agreement for its next-generation MCPTT (mission critical push-to-talk) solution with KPN Royal Dutch Telecom (“KPN”), a leading telecommunications and IT provider in the Netherlands.

The SD7 handsets and related accessories are now being offered by KPN with its KPN PTT service to medium and large government and enterprise clients.

“This distribution agreement expands the reach of our SD7 handset through wireless carriers to a new geographic region and opens new opportunities for growth,” said Marc Seelenfreund, Siyata CEO. “Aligning with quality wireless carriers is an important aspect of our growth strategy. As an innovator and telecommunications leader in the Netherlands and one of the largest wireless carriers in Europe, KPN has extensive experience in the push-to-talk technology space and is highly focused on offering the best solutions for its customers. We are eager to leverage their established channels to provide more end users with our powerful MCPTT solution.”

The SD7 enables push-to-talk communications for first responders and enterprise clients in a simple easy-to-use rugged Android based Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset with excellent sound quality that operates over the high bandwidth 4G LTE network, providing consistent connectivity across the nation and internationally. Its IP68 rating, resistance to water and dust, drop protection, and robust battery make it well suited for use in harsh environments. Importantly, there is no need to invest in infrastructure such as radio towers or repeaters, and the SD7 handset allows first responders as well as secondary support personnel to quickly connect and coordinate on unified public cellular networks in international markets as well as in North America.

Users of the SD7 handset can initiate and receive talk-group calls, receive private calls, notify others of emergencies, and report locations, all actions ideally tailored for mission critical purposes.