Critical-control-rooms | 2022-07-26

Fairfield, OH Police Selects CentralSquare to Modernize Public Safety 911 CAD/RMS Technology

Source: CentralSquare

CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public safety software, announced that the Fairfield Police Department in Fairfield, Ohio, has selected a full CentralSquare ® Public Safety Suite Pro software system featuring 911, CAD, RMS, Mobile and Jail as their preferred and trusted public safety suite. Fairfield also selected CentralSquare’s CrimeView Analytics for actionable insights and DEMS for digital evidence management.

The Fairfield Police Department is replacing a 15-year-old system from CODY Systems with CentralSquare’s modern, fully-unified CAD, RMS and mobile suite that shares data seamlessly across one shared database, allowing dispatchers and responders to work efficiently and cooperatively with updated, real-time information. Fairfield Police will also have CentralSquare’s industry-leading Caller Location Query (CLQ) technology within the Public Safety Suite Pro that allows them to locate citizens who call 911 from cellphones, sending help faster and with the most accurate location information.

By conducting extensive research, the police department identified that CentralSquare’s software offered the most comprehensive solution for the current and foreseeable future, beating out Motorola Solutions' CAD offering.