EF Johnson Technologies Announces Senior Leadership Changes

Source: EF Johnson Technologies

EF Johnson Technologies, a leading solution provider of mission-critical communications technology for emergency responders, has announced two changes to its senior leadership structure to sustain its growth, profitability and long-term success. These changes include the promotion of Mitch Urbanczyk to Senior Vice President of Sales and Stephanie Spears as Vice President of Bid Operations.

Mitch Urbanczyk, currently Vice President of Strategic Systems Sales, will now lead as the Senior Vice President of Sales. Mitch will oversee all sales functions in the public safety and enterprise channels, creating a unified communications strategy for the entire EFJohnson wireless solution suite.

Stephanie Spears, currently serving as Senior Director of Bids and Proposals, will now assume the role of Vice President of Bid Operations. In addition to overseeing the pre-sale management functions of the business, Stephanie will also lead the wireless engineering team.

"Mitch Urbanczyk and Stephanie Spears have demonstrated commitment to the EFJohnson team and expertise in multiple fields," said Duane Anderson, President and CEO of EF Johnson Technologies. “We are uniquely positioned for continued growth as a leader in wireless communications, thanks to significant contributions by Mitch and Stephanie. These senior leadership changes demonstrate our ability to adapt, transform and capitalize on our momentum to drive growth, scale our business and operations and deliver extraordinary value to our customers.”