Digital Ally Announces Year-End Patent Review

Source: Digital Ally

Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) (the “Company”), today announced its 2021 year-end patent review. These issued patents demonstrate the Company’s commitment to engineering innovative evidence capturing and safety technology for law enforcement, first responders and commercial fleets.

In addition to the two patents released during the first quarter of 2021 – U.S. Patent numbers 10,904,474 & 10,885,937 – the USPTO has issued Digital Ally six further patents, bringing its total to eight issued patents during the 2021 calendar year.

“We are extremely proud of the hard-work and dedication our engineering team has put in, in order to strengthen our existing patent portfolio,” said Stan Ross, CEO of Digital Ally, adding, “Every day we continue to develop new technology and invest in future R&D to provide our customers with the best solution possible. It is exciting to see our team recognized for their work.”

Issued patents include:

  • Patent #10,911,725 (System for Automatically Triggering a Video): Provides a method for a recording device to automatically activate from a sensor and send additional signals to other recording devices or electromechanical devices to activate recordings.
  • Patent #10,917,614 (Multi-Functional Remote Monitoring System): A body-mounted monitoring transceiver configured to automatically detect officer distress situations and transmit an emergency signal together with context for the situation.
  • Patent #10,964,351 (Forensic Video Recording with Presence Detection): A police body camera/vehicle camera that automatically detects and identifies the presence of officers and/or tagged objects in the scene and stores the identified objects with the video for later search and/or analysis.
  • Patent #10,989,503 (Wirelessly Conducted Electronic Weapon): A wireless electroshock system capable of delivering an electric shock to a subject when attached to the power source or detached from the launcher.
  • Patent #11,007,942 (Vehicle Mounted Video System with Distributed Processing): A vehicle mounted recording system and display monitor for capturing audio and video evidence.
  • Patent #11,024,137 (Remote Video Triggering and Tagging): Provides a recording device the ability to collect and send metadata, still images, audio & video data, receive triggers and perform other functions via a broadband network (i.e., cellular network) to the cloud.