Lte | 2021-11-24

Athonet announces Bring Your Own RAN™ Program for Private Networks

Source: Athonet

Athonet is telling enterprises to ‘bring your own RAN’ with the introduction of a facility in its network management system to select from a combination of radio products according to “the needs of the mix of applications” in their edge environments.

The new scheme, a play on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiative that has swept the workplace, enabling staff to use their personal phones on company networks, allows enterprises to choose their own radio access network (RAN) solution, and also to run different radios concurrently in their private networks. Their selections and selection-settings can be managed in Athonet’s cloud-based edge-network dashboard.

The BYORAN offer positions Athonet, providing core networking equipment for private LTE and 5G setups, as technology agnostic, highlighting its ease and familiarity with sundry RAN solutions. It encourages enterprises to look more widely than legacy LTE and 5G RAN providers, to identify RAN solutions most suitable for their ends. Implicitly, it also suggests the real mastery with private networks is retained in the core, as the ‘brain’ of the operations — and not in the radio.