Hytera Files Appeal of $543.7 million U.S. Ruling in Motorola Solutions Dispute

Source: Proquest

Hytera Communications yesterday filed its appeal of a U.S. district court’s judgment that the China-based LMR manufacturer should pay $543.7 million to Motorola Solutions as compensation for the use of stolen DMR trade secrets and copyrighted software, as well as numerous other rulings in the case.

In its notice of appeal with the Illinois federal district court of Judge Charles Norgle, Hytera stated that it is appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit—the Chicago-based appeals court serving Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana—”all rulings, proceedings, orders, findings and decisions (whether oral or written)” associated with Norgle’s March 5, 2020, judgment against Hytera.

In the March 2020 judgment, Norgle affirmed a unanimous jury finding that Hytera should pay $764.6 million for its use of DMR trade secrets and copyrighted software developed by Motorola. Norgle reduced this initial award amount to $543.7 million in January, noting that collecting $220.9 million of the original ruling “would constitute a double recovery.”......