SEE Telecom Participates in First Platooning Tests in The Mont Blanc Tunnel

Source: SEE Telecom

SEE Telecom is participating in the tests of the Platooning in the Mont Blanc tunnel as an expert in confined areas radio coverage.

Platooning is an innovative technology for connecting trucks and controlling them as a whole. This vehicle linking system helps to significantly reduce tunnel passing time, fuel consumption, costs, and, most importantly, accident risks.

The first stage of the experiment began by installing the specific distribution antenna system that provides ITS-G5 coverage for V2X (V2V – Vehicle to Vehicle, V2I – Vehicle to Infrastructure) and GPS signal. The second stage will be held until October, giving its final test results and measurements in autumn 2021.

These are the first tests of Platooning in Europe held inside a tunnel. The project is carried out by the European Truck Platooning Challenge in cooperation with GEIEā€TMB.

SEE Telecom has been invited to collaborate on this innovative project to ensure safety standards inside the road tunnel by providing reliable radio coverage inside at the same level as outside.