Lte | 2021-07-14

ETELM named partner as the European Commission Launches the INTREPID Project for Safer and Faster Exploration of Disaster Sites

Source: ETELM

ETELM, the radio communications infrastructure specialist, has been named as part of the INTEPID project consortium awarded €6.8 million by the European Commission. The aim of the consortium is to create an innovative new platform for the safer and faster exploration and assessment of disaster zones.

Combining deep indoor networking with other advanced and groundbreaking technologies such as intelligent amplification, extended reality, smart cybernetic assistants and positioning capabilities, a total of 17 partners from across seven European countries form the consortium now tasked with developing this specialist platform.

ETELM will be contributing its expertise in critical communications infrastructure to provide an innovative Tactical Communication System to improve both indoor and outdoor exploration capabilities of first responders. It will also be working on a Tactical Range Extender solution to enhance indoor coverage, enabling the INTREPID network to reach areas where signal propagation will be otherwise limited, such as underground or deep indoors.