RoadPhone NRB Successfully Supports Euro 2020 Football Event

Source: RoadPhone

During the past two years Roadphone NRB, a company that designs and distributes communication solutions in the UK, have been designing building and configuring the communications system to be used during the Euro 2020 Soccer event for over 16  sites in Europe, so that one small radio in any stadium can communicate with any other in a different country ensuring good solid comms between the event organisers and the men on the ground.

According to Ian Haver, Radio Engineer & IT at Roadphone, it has been a long journey but extremely successfully. Have was appointed as technical designer and lead technician for the project but hei couldn't have done this without the help of the rest of the team.

Haver also pointed out that his collagues in logistics did a fantastic job preparing and programming the radios and the 30+ strong teams at each venue care-taking the radio systems and running administration on site.

During the entire event event Roadphone delivered the following equipment: Over 120 radio repeaters, 30+ network Routers, 30+ network Switches, 32 RF combining units, nearly 300 network cables, 30+ 12U boxes, 16 flight cases, 4000+ Motorola Solutions DP4801EU handportables, 4 DL380 HP servers & 2 DL360 HP servers and so so much more. 

This year the team at Roadphone NRB was also recognised for the Best Single Project win in 2020 by Motorola Solutions’ prestigious Empower Circle reward program.

The global award scheme recognises partners across Motorola Solutions’ worldwide channel for outstanding performance in the past year.