NEC Software Solutions Launches Revolutionary Control Room Dispatch Technology

Source: NEC Software Solutions

NEC Software Solutions has launched software designed to revolutionise the dispatch of emergency services teams.

NEC Software Solutions is the new name for APD Communications, the leading supplier of software to emergency services, control rooms and other public safety sectors.

APD was acquired by NEC Corporation, one of the world’s most advanced and innovative technology businesses, in 2019. Now, adoption of the renowned NEC brand signals the beginning of an exciting new era for the business.

NEC Corporation is a global leader in advanced IT and network technologies that benefit businesses, public organisations and people across the world. The rebranding of APD enhances NEC’s presence in the UK, where it already has its European head office.

NEC Software Solutions has marked the rebrand by launching ground-breaking control room software that will help emergency services organisations save lives and keep communities safe.
The cutting-edge Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) product, named Dispatch, takes control rooms to a new level of operational efficiency and performance. When every second counts, Dispatch gives operators the tools to manage incidents better than ever before.

The cloud-based software has been developed with input from control room operators who are best placed to understand what is required to respond as effectively and rapidly as possible to emergency incidents and protect the public.

It enables dispatchers and call handlers to prioritise and record incident calls, identify the status and location of resources, and dispatch them effectively to incidents.

NEC Software Solutions Director of Control Room, Rhiannon Beeson, said: “With our new name we have become even closer to our parent company, which has a long and proud history of taking pioneering technologies from concept to reality. “We will benefit from the NEC global brand and access to NEC’s financial firepower and investment in world-class technological innovations.