P25 | 2021-02-23

Multnomah County contracts with Federal Engineering for radio systemimprovements

Source: Federal Engineering

Multnomah County, Oregon has signed a contract with Federal Engineering, Inc. (FE) to assist in the review and design of upgrades to the County’s radio system.

Mr. Stan Johnson, Project Manager for the County said: Multnomah is making a major investment to improve the performance of the County’s mobile radio infrastructure in support of our first responders. We are pleased to have Federal Engineering on our team because they understand our environment through 15 years of experience supporting jurisdictions throughout Oregon. We will be working closely with FE subject matter experts to achieve a solution that not only meets user needs but also garners their support.”

Mr. Rajit Jhaver, FE Director, explained further: “To be successful and embraced by first responders, radio systems must be driven by user needs rather than by technology or equipment brand. Federal Engineering’s methodology, proven over thousands of successful projects, involves radio users from the onset of the project through surveys and focus groups. Users actively participate in the design process via FETeamCoverage our proprietary coverage workshop. The Workshop allows County personnel to be involved in decisions regarding radio coverage, frequency band, system type, and tower locations. FE’s process also includes participation in the development of the final product. FE Needs Assessment and Conceptual Design Report will be delivered in draft form to allow County participants to review the results and provide input before the final report is delivered. Through these processes, we build consensus and buy-in ensuring that the desires of all departments are included in the final recommendations.”