Lte | 2020-11-19

Kyocera adds on-demand remote support for rugged devices with Splashtop SOS application

Source: Kyocera

Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in remote access and support solutions, has extended its technology support to Kyocera’s rugged mobile phones in North America. After obtaining customer consent, Kyocera technicians will now be able to remotely access and take control of customers’ devices with the Splashtop SOS application to ensure faster, more accurate tech support.

After downloading the Splashtop SOS app, Kyocera’s mobile customers simply open the app to get a unique session code to share with their Kyocera support technician. With a customer’s permission, the technician can use the code to launch a remote access session to the Kyocera device, remotely control it and troubleshoot it as if they were controlling the device in person.

"Kyocera has long been a leader in the rugged device market," said Mark Lee, CEO, Splashtop. "With Splashtop, Kyocera can offer their customers immediate remote assistance to resolve issues as quickly as possible."

"Security is of utmost importance, and knowing they have an existing customer base of 200,000 businesses worldwide -- including banks, government, and law enforcement -- securely using Splashtop for quick problem resolution was crucial to our decision to utilize Splashtop," said Vipul Dalal, general manager at Kyocera’s Communications Equipment Group.

The Splashtop SOS app supports Kyocera’s rugged mobile devices, which are built with Mil-Spec 810G and IP68 waterproof protection for dependable communication in rough, often remote, working conditions. Tech support in remote locations can be challenging, but the SOS app can be utilized virtually anywhere.