P25 | 2020-09-10

Oakland selects Federal Engineering for computer aided dispatch and records management system consulting services

Source: FE

The City of Oakland, California has selected Federal Engineering, Inc. (FE) to assist the City with the upgrade of its computer aided dispatch (CAD) and records management system (RMS).

In announcing the contract, Mr. Don Nagle, FE Director said:

“We are thrilled that Oakland has selected us for these important projects and we look forward to assisting the City of Oakland in the upgrade of the City’s CAD and RMS systems. FE will work closely with City, Oakland Police and Oakland Fire staff to develop a deeper understanding of the objectives of the CAD and RMS projects and the status of the work that has already taken place in the City’s data migration, provisioning and configuration efforts. Our project team has been involved in hundreds of similar projects and our subject matter experts know what is needed to contribute to the success of this project. In addition to technical services, FE will provide project management activities so that the tasks of both the vendor and the City are completed pursuant to the vendor’s contract.”