Lte | 2020-07-30

ATIS report presents vision of the 5G technology landscape and North American needs for the 5G future

Source: ATIS

ATIS today announced publication of a report presenting a long-term and strategic vision of the 5G technology and market landscape as it will evolve in light of 3GPP 5G standards — those now being set into action in the network as well as those on the horizon. 5G Specifications in 3GPP: North American Needs for the 5G Future assesses ongoing technology evolution and research to evaluate and predict impact to the future 3GPP standards releases that will refine and enhance the 5G system.

“5G enables a complete mobile communications platform, representing a large body of work that will play out over many 3GPP releases,” said AT&T Assistant Vice President – Standards & Industry Alliances Brian Daly, who leads ATIS’ 5G North American Needs Focus Group. “This ATIS resource offers the opportunity to provide leadership and impact 3GPP’s work in the near-term future.”

ATIS’ look ahead to advance network evolution is driven by the increasing diversity of connected devices and demanding applications as well as an unprecedented increase in data traffic, now being amplified by the increase in remote workers, students and healthcare professionals. By determining now what is needed to improve network performance and management capabilities, operators will be afforded the opportunity to proactively develop new business models, expand into new verticals and increase revenue streams capitalizing on 5G innovation. A “Future Network Enhancements” section in the report specifically addresses target markets in the key verticals of industrial automation, transportation, health care and energy, as well as media/entertainment, public safety and smart cities.

“North America will play a leading role in the initial and near-term deployments of 5G, making this forward-looking report critical to companies in the region — as well to advancing ATIS leadership on 5G evolution at the global level,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller.