Bogotá, At the Vanguard of Public Safety Communication Systems

Source: ICCRA

With its new system, Bogotá has become a pioneer in Colombia with a comprehensive integrated system with a focus on the interoperation and coordination of the different agencies. With the city's previous emergency system, the public safety and emergency agencies were not able to communicate with each other in real time to provide an immediate response and coordinate their efforts. Establishing communication between the agencies involved logistics that could add several minutes to response times; minutes that, in an emergency, can mean the difference between life and death.

Now, with the new Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center, almost instantly –with the touch of a button– the National Police, Fire Brigade, Office of Health Emergencies (DUES, in Spanish), Secretariat of Mobility and District Institute of Risk Management and Climate Change (IDIGER, in Spanish) are fully interconnected and can therefore respond to any type of emergency or large-scale event more quickly.