InstaDefsec Announces GoLive New Finnish Emergency Management System

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The ERICA system is used to manage all emergency notifications, assess the incidents, evaluate the need for help, dispatch and coordinate the first responder units.

The system has been operational in Oulu emergency response center since the end of November and is now successfully rolled out into Kuopio emergency response center. When taken into full use during this spring, the system covers the whole mainland of Finland. ERICA unites six emergency response centers and a number of command centers into a one, nationwide virtual control room for all public safety authorities. Having all operators working on the same system leads to better resilience for rush hours and peak loads and hence, provides better level of service to the citizens.

Insta Response’s unique features like smart standard operating protocols, dispatch modeling and integrated communications ease operators’ everyday work and help them make correct decisions in demanding situations. The system also enables all blue light agenciens to work on the same system instead of just exchanging a limited number of information. Insta DefSec Oy the supplier of the new system said that it continues the development of the product for existing customers and also sets the look into international markets.

“The development of such an extensive product as Insta Response and rolling out the ERICA system based on that has been a massive effort and investment for Insta DefSec Oy. From the day one, we’ve targeted the development efforts to create a product for the international markets and we’re on a good path now with the ERICA system rolled out.” says Vice President and Head of Public Safety at Insta DefSec Oy, Mr. Marko Savolainen.

“Insta sees public safety control room market as one of the corner stones which will lead the company to the next decade. In the big picture secure digitalization of safety critical customers’ services and systems is something that neatly describes our company’s DNA. Public safety market and critical control room business with Insta Response™ is one of our spearheads, which very well supports the overall offering of the company.” says Executive Vice President of Insta DefSec Oy, Mr. Jari Mielonen.

The new ERC information system has been dubbed ERICA, an acronym of:

E = Emergency
R = Response
I = Integrated
C = Common
A = Authorities