LTE  |  2018-07-03

TCCA Welcomes Ice Group as New Mobile Network Operator Member

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

ice group, the international mobile network operator, has announced its membership of TCCA, the global organisation for all involved in critical communications.

ice group provides wireless data services in high growth markets with strong pent-up demand. The group’s footprint covers one of the world’s most advanced telecom markets in Norway, to some of the world’s most populous and fast-growing telecommunications markets including Indonesia and the Philippines.

Critical communications services today are mainly based on dedicated networks with dedicated spectrum utilising narrowband technologies such as TETRA, Tetrapol, P25 and DMR. However, the emergence of a new broadband technology ecosystem is changing the existing critical communications paradigm.

This evolution, which is beginning to see the leverage of 4G bearers to deliver critical broadband services, is creating new business opportunities for mobile network operators.

JD Fouchard, CEO of ice group, said: “Today, we operate networks on the 450 MHz frequency in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have a deep understanding of the many benefits of low frequencies, particularly for the broadband and machine-to-machine segments, and the attractiveness of combining them with other network infrastructure. TCCA’s work to ensure the coexistence of mission critical technologies in the 450MHz band is therefore of utmost importance to us as a company and the societies we operate within. The success of the Critical Communications World event in Berlin demonstrates the importance of engaging with the critical end users to fully understand and deliver their unique requirements.”

Tony Gray, TCCA Chief Executive, said: “An increasing number of commercial mobile network operators are realising the potential of the critical mobile broadband market. TCCA and its stakeholders are working with 3GPP on both 4G and future 5G technologies to ensure the standards are in place to ensure services meet critical user needs. It is hugely encouraging to see an operator with the international presence of ice group join TCCA to help drive the market forward.”

Supporting open and standardised mobile critical communications technologies and complementary applications, TCCA is catalysing competitive multivendor markets worldwide through open standards and harmonised spectrum. Collaborative working across the ecosystem is essential to develop and drive the most effective solutions for all who rely on critical communications.