Nuance Teams Up with Leading CAD/RMS Provider Nexgen

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

ntelligent Reporting Combined with Dragon Law Enforcement Speech Recognition Technology Brings Unprecedented Speed and Accuracy to Mission-Critical Public Safety Communication

Nuance Communications, Inc. the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations, announced its strategic partnership with leading Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems (CAD/RMS) vendor Nexgen Public Safety Solutions. The partnership marks a new frontier for fast, accurate and integrated Public Safety communications – now making it easier for law enforcement, emergency transportation services and 911 operators to quickly and accurately document and share information in a streamlined, safe way leading to rapid response to time-critical situations.

The public safety sector today is faced with a heavy reliance on older technology systems to complete mission-critical tasks in a timely manner. As reporting requirements increase, the need for fast, accurate and simple input that can be sent quickly to those on the ground in need of information is paramount. This partnership answers that need by combining Nuance’s powerful Dragon Law Enforcement speech recognition technology with Nexgen’s robust set of software system offerings – with both partners bringing decades of experience in their sectors to bear.

Designed expressly for the public safety sector, Nuance’s Dragon Law Enforcement provides first responders with powerful dictation and voice command capabilities to help improve report accuracy and timeliness and speed data entry within CAD/RMS systems. Nexgen brings to the partnerships its interactive CAD/RMS and mobile system software which helps optimize department and agency performance, efficiency, and the ability to respond to any situation with the necessary intelligence and information. Together, the two are poised to further transform reporting and information sharing for public safety personnel by enabling them to create and pass information to relevant parties faster and more accurately than ever before.