Guardian Elite Medical Services to Implement Respond CAD and Mobile

Source: Gert Jan Wolf | The Critical Communications Review

TriTech, one of the first vendors to embed mapping technology into computer-aided dispatch software, recently welcomed Guardian Elite Medical Services who will be implementing Respond CAD and Mobile in early 2018.

Guardian has been in operation since 2011 providing emergency medical services and special event coverage to the City of Las Vegas and southern Nevada. Guardian will go live with Respond CAD and Mobile by March 1, 2018 with three ALS ambulances.

The Respond CAD system will connect to Las Vegas Fire and Rescue's Inform CAD through TriTech's CAD-to-CAD interface, allowing them insight into the location and status of the Guardian ALS units and providing transparency between the agencies.

Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Elite Medical Services, Sam Scheller, said, "Our CAD investment is a long-term contract and we didn't want to invest in a company that wouldn't allow us to expand or provide the interfaces to other area agencies that are needed. We believe the TriTech system will meet our long-term goals."


Picture: Courtesey of Guardian Elite Medical Services