Tetra | 2016-02-03

Spanish operator Itelazpi conducts TETRA/LTE Pilot with Metro Bilbao

Source: MCCResources

Recently Itelazpi facilities were visited by a number international companies from the technological and railway sectors to view a successful LTE pilot test with Itelazpi's customer, Metro Bilbao.

Recently Itelazpi facilities were visited by a number international companies from the technological and railway sectors. Among them, companies like Alstom and Ansaldo, a delegation from London Heathrow airport, global leader for mission critical communications Sepura, and a company in charge of public transport systems in Pasto city (Colombia). 

The purpose of the visits was to give the British delegation a first-hand look at the successful LTE pilot test with Itelazpi's customer, Metro Bilbao, in collaboration with technology partner Teltronic. The group also visited the Tetra network operated by Itelazpi as well as the different Tetra services and applications that it provides to the different public entities.

The day was kicked off with the head of Itelezpi's Tetra service, with a tour and was followed by an explanation of the scope of the LTE test pilot, along with a real-time demonstration of the different features that were tested.

The demo gave visitors a chance to observe an operational communication demonstration of group conversations that integrates both LTE and Tetra technology. Video of recorded images from cameras installed both in the train and on the platform, as well as images video recorded by smartphones with LTE, were also streamed when in movement and in real time. The innovative aspect of this project is based on integrating multimedia transmission (LTE-4G) with TETRA mission-critical network technology to provide the highest levels of security and continuity.

The pilot test involved the underground installation of a private network of mission-critical LTE between two stations on the Bilbao Metro tube line. This network is integrated with Itelezpi's Tetra network, which on one hand permits transmissions of broadband services, such as sending video in real-time when in movement, and secondly, the integration of LTE communications with the existing Tetra service. Thus, it gives different users a comprehensive mission-critical service that covers the full range of clients’ needs by offering a suite of advanced services coupled with cutting-edge technology.