Tetra | 2016-01-21

Antennentechnik Invests in new Production Line

Source: MCCResources

The new AOI line (automated optical inspection) ensures 100 percent control of relevant test parameters and provides for product documentation.

The quality assurance of products at Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg is - apart from the ongoing improvement and new development of products - the company's primary focus. After the start-up of the fully automated production line for multiband antennas in December 2015, a new optical inspection of process steps was implemented at the beginning of 2016.

With this AOI line (automated optical inspection) it is possible to check product quality already on the production line under various light influences by means of three serially operating high-performance camera systems (machine vision systems). This ensures 100 % control of relevant test parameters and provides for product documentation.

The inspection adds a vital factor to the optimization of production. Antennentechnik's Managing Director, Mr. Michael Märte, said: "Our goal of Zero Defect Strategy is not only set down in documents, but we continuously work towards improvements and optimization in this field. We are convinced that all of these measures aiming at quality improvement and quality assurance will continue to reward us with a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty".

TETRA Antennas

The company produces a wide range of TETRA antenna's to support critical communications ito a wide variety of end users.

For example, Antennentechnik produces a wide range of antennas in the TETRA frequency band, like: combi roof mount antennas, magnetic mount antennas, combi flex roof mount antennas, fixed station antennas as well as antenna couplers and diplexers.