Tetra | 2014-10-24

Procom announces two new broadband base antennas

Source: MCCResources

The company adds two new broadband base station antennas to its portfolio of antenna products that are designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user.

The antennas are of sturdy construction and the use of high-quality materials in construction along with an extensive QA-system ensures the high quality of both electrical specifications as well as mechanical parameters.

They are designed to give wideband coverage on VHF and UHF bands:

  • CXL 108-185C is a broad-band base station antenna for 108-185MHz.
  • CXL 380-470C is a broad-band base station antenna for 380-470MHz.


Specifications include wind loads up to 160 km/h, temperature ranges from -30°C to +70°C, and Nfemale connectors as standard along with our heavy duty “C” mast mount.