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Motorola Solutions Presents Innovations to Strengthen Defence and Disaster Management at FIDAE

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Ecosystem of voice, video and data technologies helps keep emergency and defense officials safe and connected throughout challenging events.

Reliable and resilient communication and heightened awareness are essential for Chile’s emergency and defense agencies, especially when facing extreme and unpredictable events, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and forest fires. At FIDAE 2024, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) will showcase how its safety and security ecosystem of technologies can enhance collaboration across public safety and defense agencies and personnel, especially in scenarios requiring a multi-agency response.

“Safety and security outcomes are dramatically improved when emergency responders have real-time awareness of events and are empowered to work together,” said Elton Borgonovo, MSSSI vice president, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, Motorola Solutions. “We deploy critical communications, video security and command center solutions that help to improve situational awareness, streamline the flow of information and increase collaboration across those who respond in an emergency.”

Motorola Solutions technology highlights at FIDAE 2024 include:

  • High Frequency and Very High Frequency Radio Communications: Specialized technology enables mission-critical radio communications in any location without the need for infrastructure, supporting response efforts during natural disasters.
  • SmartConnect: Subscription-based application service extends and strengthens voice communications by automatically switching channels between land mobile radio, broadband, Wi-Fi and satellite networks when radio users travel outside radio coverage areas. 
  • Command Center Technologies: Powerful, integrated software that can unify voice, video and data feeds, enabling a 360° view of unfolding events and helping public safety agencies make decisions with greater focus, certainty and speed.
  • Avigilon Unity Video: AI-enabled, on-premise video management system offers flexible, cloud-based capabilities to strengthen security and perimeter protection at critical sites. The solution also supports Avigilon H6A and H6X cameras with AdaptAI, an advanced edge analytics suite that can rapidly search by appearance, detect unusual crowd behavior, flag auditory disturbances and distinguish between different vehicle types. 
  • L5M mobile license plate recognition system: High-performance solution provides reliable image clarity to detect vehicles moving at speeds of up to 150 mph without performance degradation.
  • L6Q license plate reader: Sophisticated license plate recognition, with consumer-grade ease of installation, scans vehicles moving at specific speeds and different directions, even in dark conditions.
  • ActiveEye: Cybersecurity management platform provides rapid threat detection and response to defend against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats for organizations and agencies of all sizes. ActiveEye is supported by a 24/7 Security Operations Center and a dedicated team of analysts providing actionable recommendations to prevent incidents, minimize risk and ensure best practices.

Motorola Solutions is exhibiting these technologies at FIDAE at Pabellon Chile, E hall, booth E-42 at the north side of the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport, in Santiago de Chile.