Tetra | 2010-07-08

TETRA-Applications.com announces the successful launching of their TETRA Internet portal “Going Live”

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The website contains a huge database of TETRA applications, solutions and products

Amsterdam - July 8, 2010 - TETRA-Applications.com, the world’s first independent Internet Portal for TETRA Communications professionals announced that their Internet Portal has gone live.

The TETRA Internet Portal has been made after consultations with various (end user) organizations such as the TETRA Association as well as governmental and industrial organizations, and offers a quick scan of companies and their applications, products, solutions and services within the TETRA communications industry.

It took several months to build the database of companies that supply these applications, products, solutions and services as well as building the Content Management System. The companies that have signed up for the service are able to upload their own data onto the server. In this way TETRA-Applications.com ensures that the secured data that has been uploaded is up-to-date and comes from a reliable source. As the TETRA industry is still growing very rapidly, new companies and their solutions are added to the portal every day and at present profiles of more than 230 companies and their solutions are visible.

Source: www.tetra-applications.com
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