Other news | 2020-06-25

WESTELL introduces new UL2524 listed public safety enhanced eBDA series

Source: http://www.westell.com

The latest addition to the industry-leading in-building wireless solutions for public safety radio enhancement of Westell solves reliable indoor communications for our emergency responders, including Fire, Police and EMS, caused by modern building materials blocking up to 99 percent of the RF signal from outdoor tower sites. The new Westell Enhanced eBDA series offers over a dozen new features to the previous PS Series of Class B signal boosters that improve ease of installation, provides an easier path to AHJ acceptance and reduces total installed cost. These new Enhanced Class B eBDA series solutions are UL2524 Listed (the new UL Standard for In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems) and feature a Built-in Alarm Annunciator, Integrated Battery Backup, UpLink Squelch, Improved Cabinet Interface, Smallest footprint in the industry, Intelligent Oscillation Management and much more.

Offered in both a half watt and 2 watt dual band 700-800MHz versions these BDAs are available now.