Control rooms  |   Broadband  |  2024-05-15

Frequentis Shares in Nemergent Solutions Increased from 15% to 25%

Source: Frequentis
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Frequentis acquired a 15 per cent share of Nemergent Solutions in 2020, and it has rapidly emerged as an international expert in MCX technologies. The Spanish company has contributed significantly to projects in public transport and public safety, providing software for application services and mobile terminals for emergency services. This increase in shareholding solidifies Frequentis' commitment to providing innovative MCX solutions including the MissionX solution enabling mission-critical services over next-generation broadband communication networks.

"This strategic increase in our shareholding underscores our dedication to advancing MCX technologies. Nemergent Solutions brings invaluable expertise in MCX backend solutions, complementing our efforts to enhance our MCX solution MissionX for the global market, "

says Norbert Haslacher, CEO of Frequentis.

This collaboration translates into optimised critical communication technology for networks in dedicated and limited geographical areas, scalable for country-wide rollouts, and accommodating up to 500,000 end users. With increased shares, Frequentis plans to leverage Nemergent's expertise to advance MCX products, enhancing next-generation broadband communication globally.

"We are delighted to have found Frequentis at an early stage in our company development as an international player and complementary partner allowing us to grow in our field of expertise in a sustainable way. We are keen to jointly make most of many international opportunities for the MissionX solution,"

says Jose Oscar Fajardo, CEO of Nemergent Solutions.

As MCX continues to be a key pillar of innovation in Frequentis' portfolio of solutions, this partnership is key to the further development and integration of Nemergent’s MCX products into Frequentis’ MCX solution MissionX and fortifies Frequentis' dedication to providing specialised solutions for safety-critical environments.

Notably, Nemergent and Frequentis worked together on the BroadWay project, which aims to provide boundary-free mission-critical broadband to public safety workers across Europe.