Hytera: Evidence Indicates Secret U.S. Government Probe into Company

Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Hytera Communications, a company from China, says they have strong proof that the U.S. government is secretly investigating them. They're asking a court to give them access to information from this investigation before their trial later this year.

Recently, a lawyer for Hytera told a court in Illinois that when one of their company lawyers visited the U.S. in February, both the FBI and U.S. Customs Border Protection questioned them separately. Hytera also mentioned that a document from the U.S. government seemed to have parts marked as classified removed from it.

Hytera's lawyers had previously said they believe the U.S. government is watching them as part of a big security investigation. They asked for a special court hearing about classified information last fall, but the request was turned down in December. The court said Hytera didn't give enough evidence to show that the government was hiding classified information.

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