Broadband  |  2024-03-20

Streamwide Reports Solid 2023 Performance: Increase in Revenue, Margins and Earnings

Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

STREAMWIDE (FR0010528059 – ALSTW – eligible for the French PEA PME), the expert in critical communications and business-critical software solutions, today announces another year of sharp profitable growth, driven by a strong second half, several years of increasing revenues from the teamon mission and team on the run business communications solutions (“platforms” business), and efficientcost control. STREAMWIDE therefore posted record profit margins in 2023.


As announced in February’s 2023 revenue release, 2023 performance was driven by a solid second half, with earnings and operating margins therefore up versus the previous year. While current 2024 full-year revenue projections are satisfactory, the level of growth versus 2023 is not yet entirely certain. However, a number of projects were finalised at the end of 2023, both in the public sphere with the team on mission solution and the private sector with the team on the run solution, as well as in the “legacy” sector. The Group is still aiming to maintain profitable growth\momentum and secure the means to achieve this. The financing obtained in

March 2023 will enable the Group to continue developing its solutions and further
extend its technological lead. The Group’s investments in staff and technologies since the end of 2023 will therefore continue over the coming months, in an effort to strengthen sovereignty, security, compliance with industry standards (particularly 3GPP) and scalability of the solutions developed, in a context where artificial intelligence (LLMs, etc.) will have an impact on workstation ergonomics. Keeping these costs under control and securing financing will remain a priority in 2024.

Meanwhile, the Group continues to develop its indirect business ecosystem, seeking to further diversify its revenue sources and reduce its dependence on the public safety and MCx sector alone, which is marked by long sales and deployment cycles. The solutions developed include a broad range of features (instant messaging, voice, video, PTT, alerts, LWP, localisation, advanced telephony, collaborative suite, process digitisation, FSM, geofencing, APIs, SDKs, etc.), and effectively meet the
technical and organisational requirements of companies and public authorities by offering an all-in-one solution within a secure, scalable and sovereign technical architecture. In early 2024, the Group obtained ISO 27001 certification for all of its businesses, further enhancing the credibility and competitive positioning of the platforms it offers.