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JVCKENWOOD Publishes Results and Forecast Briefing Second Quarter (Q2) of Fiscal Year Ending March 2024

Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

Summary S&S SEctor:

JVCKENWOOD Announced that revenue and profit of the communications systems business increased significantly, mainly due to the U.S. and other overseas markets continuing to show very strong sales from the previous fiscal year. In the Professional Systems Business, revenue increased and losses improved because of implementation of structural reform and a recovery trend in the social infrastructure market.

In Q2(Q1-2), sales of the Communications Systems Business in S&S remained extremely strong as in the previous fiscal year, resulting in significantly stronger company-wide performance than expected at the beginning of the fiscal year.

S&S Sector’s Communications Systems Business: for the Public Safety Market

With the global situation becoming increasingly tense, the demand for professional radio systems and security measures is extremely strong due to the growing momentum of crisis management.

◼For the North American public safety market, service order backlog also increased along with an increase in system order backlog.

In the North American private market, the backlog of orders has been steadily eliminated thanks to the effect of production expansion at the Malaysian plant, and orders continue to be firm.

Company continue to aim to gain a larger share by beefing up the lineup 

  • Small repeater compliant with DMR*1/NXDNTM*2 for the foreign market: NXR-1700/1800 Improved transportation efficiency and savings in installation space have increased user convenience and reduced operational costs.

  • Digital simple radio system with support for additional domestic channels (ready for registered stations) Increasing the number of channels to 97 from 35 has reduced interference