Streamwide 2020 revenue up with 37%

Source: Streamwide

STREAMWIDE, expert in critical communications software solutions, reports a sharp increase in first half 2020 revenue of €6.6 million, up 37%.

As stated following the 20 July 2020 H1 revenue release and restated on 21 September 2020, 2020 revenues surged against a backdrop of the global pandemic and following a 51% revenue leap in 2019.

Second half 2020 revenue growth of 46% outperformed first half 2020 revenue growth of 28%.
Continuing a trend of sharp growth since 2019 (revenues up 51%), 2020 revenues soared 37%. Sustained revenue growth amounting to €3.7 million was largely fuelled by team on mission and team on the run, new critical communications platforms.