Intelligence Solutions

NICE provides law enforcement agencies (LEAs), intelligence organizations and national security government agencies with advanced solutions for mass, target and lawful communication interception, collection, processing and analysis.

The NiceTrack suite of products helps find new suspects, monitor targets, conduct an efficient investigation or build a wider intelligence picture.

  • Location Tracking Center - Accurate mobile tracking solutions for LEAs and intelligence organizations
  • Mass Detection Center  - Nationwide interception, monitoring and analysis to fight organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism
  • Monitoring Center - Fully-integrated monitoring analysis platform to help LEAs and intelligence organizations reduce crime levels and fight terrorism
  • Open Source Intelligence - Solution to help LEAs and intelligence organizations identify new suspicious activities and national threats
  • Pattern Analyzer - Collection and analysis of multiple data types from various sources to automatically detect suspicious activities
  • Satellite Interception - Collection, retention and analysis of voice, fax, video, email and other data transmitted via fixed and mobile satellite communication networks
  • Traffic Analysis Center - Preventive intelligence generation by revealing target and suspect networks