Network Elements

DBS3900 Distributed Base Station

Huawei’s distributed base station equipment enables radio access for eLTE networks. The modular platform consists of a Base Band Unit (BBU3900) and Remote Radio Unit (RRU). Both components feature flexible installation, easy site deployment, and low power consumption.

Evolving from the most advanced LTE technologies, DBS3900 supports bandwidth up to 100 Mbits/s, and provides higher data transmission rates for users.

With Huawei’s advanced base station, eLTE mobile broadband access will be available for converged communications and low TCO.

eCNS210 Core Network System

Integrates core network functions in a single subrack, requiring only the addition of base stations to implement private LTE wireless networks. Ideal for critical communications.

Broadband trunking capabilities suit the eCNS210 for use by first responders and other organizations that need quick, reliable voice and video communications.

Put advanced cellular technology to work for your enterprise, delivering voice, video, and data services to mobile users on foot or in vehicles as well as in offices.

eCNS230 Core Network System

A compact LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Flat, IP architecture fully supports multiple access technologies and mobility in a highly reliable, competitive eLTE trunking system.

Ideal for emergency response and critical communication environments. Integrated components for quick deployment.

Speed real-time information upload and transfer with converged voice, video, and data communications built with the Huawei eCNS230.

Dispatching System

Delivers wideband trunking dispatching services with efficient voice, data, and video communications. A critical component for public safety, traffic, energy, and similar organizations that depend on a reliable, high-performance dispatching system. Ensures timely information-sharing for decision-making and rapid command transmissions.

Interfaces with upper-layer applications to provide smooth application migration or low-cost application development by enterprises and partners.

eOMC910 Network Management System

Complete NMS Platform that functions as an Operation and Maintenance Center, for unified management of an entire LTE network, including core network, base station, dispatching server, and even wireless devices.

An Administrator can easily perform system configuration, software upgrades, equipment diagnostics, and performance monitoring via a graphical interface on a standard platform.

Discover the only unified NMS platform with comprehensive administrative tools with simplified O&M for all enterprise fixed network and wireless devices.

You can base every crucial decision and command on accurate, real-time video, voice, and data communications with the eLTE trunking dispatching system.